"Snowman Skiing was purchased to be adapted for a client's Christmas promotional campaign. The full source code was supplied, without any issues, after payment was made. The game was easy to adapt for our clients needs. Our client had an excellent response from their marketing campaign."
Andrew Beniams
Design Consultants
2B Graphics
"The games are working fine and we are happy to have Novel games' contents in our markets. We are receiving nice feedback from customers. We would be glad to give you our company (Basari Mobile) and local Android market (Indiroid)'s details."
Dilara Kocaburak
Business Development Specialist
Basari Mobile
"Novel Games has a huge selection of great games that are simple to modify and easy to license. I've been very happy with every game we've licensed from Novel Games."
Daniel Crabtree
Big Fun Town
"Novel Games has been very helpful in answering out questions and they have delivered their services on time. I will definitely recommend anyone to purchase games solutions from them."
Ivan Ng
BlueBell People
"I’ve worked with Novel Games on several occasions when producing games for clients. As a creative marketing agency, we have always pushed the boundaries in terms of the graphic customisation of Novel’s games and they’ve always interpreted our needs to the letter with great communication along the way. We hope to work with Novel many more times as we consider that games are a great way to add ‘sticky’ content to websites where appropriate, or to generate responses via email competitions."
Miranda Acres
Project Director
"Novel's game licensing arrangement allowed our skill based multiplayer games portal to rapidly increase it's games portfolio with Novel's excellent offering. We were able to cusotmize the games to our needs very easily; the source code was simple to understand and modify. We recommend Novel to anyone wishing to offer quality multiplayer games."
Aaron Caswell
CapturePlay Systems Inc.
"We couldn't be happier with our business relationship with novel games, they were very professional and made all the adaptations we needed for the games to work in our platform in record time. Awesome games at good prices."
Santiago Rocandio
CreaSmartMedia LTDA
"I'd trust them with our customers and I recommend you trust them with yours"
Daniel Ceker
CTO, Partner
DS Nordic
"At e-matematika.si we offer to our customers online math education. As math can be also learned throught great games we were looking for a provider that could offer us just that. We found Novel Games where the type of games were just what we were looking for and the service was greate."
Petra Blazic
"As a digital agency we often design viral campaigns for our clients, and these can sometimes involve building a branded addictive game with a high score competition. Where a client's budget won't stretch to a completely bespoke solution we use pre-built game engines as a core for our viral games, and Novel's range of flash based games have been great for this purpose. They are well built flash games with clear, customisable Actionscript code, and they have a great range of styles and genres to choose from. We would definitely use again and would recommend their service."
Dominic Williams
Creative Director
Fat Media Ltd
"I've purchased the source code for several games from Novel Games now. Each time they have exceeded my expectations! The games I've purchased have nicely commented code and I have been able to modify them exactly how I wanted to. Thanks Novel Games!"
Gaz Thomas
"We have been licensing flash games since 2008 and we haven't found anyone who has this volume of games of this quality at this price point that Novel Games provides. The games we have licensed from Novel Games have formed the backbone of our gaming catalog. They are all based on the same basic framework which means the more games we've licensed the easier they have become to work with. They have paid for themselves many times over. I don't know what we would have done if we didn't find Novel Games when we did!"
Eli Mapstead
Fupa Games, Inc.
"Happy dealing with Peter and Novel Games as they are friendly and professional team in the gaming industry!"
Derrick Liew
Creative Director
Getright Solutions
"We have used Novel Games for several bespoke flash games on a recent project. Novel made customisations to them at our request and the games themselves have been really well received. We have been really impressed with their efficiency and prompt replies to emails and general communication"
Sushin Kelly
Senior Interactive Designer
Imaginate Creative Ltd
"Efficient, friendly, good quality of game code, and you can customize it to meet your application."
Danny Shum
Managing Director
Innoverz Limited
"We found Novel Games to be the best company to work with regarding family game content, engaging game play and excellent documentation. They were helpful in getting us started and were proactive in their support. Best of all, their code is clean and well organized, making our work together simple and enjoyable."
Adrian Van Deusen
"I was looking for a simple solution to integrate multiplayer games on my site, I try Novel Games and I never was disappointed, the games are simple and clean various and varied, and especially the support of Novel Games and very responsive."
Thomas Hernandez
Jeux gratuits Boulette.fr
"The games are simple and fun and popular with our audience."
Rosevita Warda
LearnThat Foundation
"The great games offered by Novel Games enabled our Legends of Oz World virtual world to launch with twice as much content. Our team was able to quickly expand the well documented source code from Novel Games and create unique games that nicely complemented our 100% made from scratch games."
Brad Jashinsky
Legends of Oz World
"Novel Games created a fabulous fun mini golf game for us. It has been consistently popular with our visitors. They were fast and accurate with the design and always been available to answer questions. I would use them again."
Tony Gilding
Macadamia Castle
"We purchased from Novel Games and were very pleased to find the game highly customizable and easy to integrate. We will definitely look to Novel Games in future for our gaming resource needs."
Jake Ooi
Assistant Operations Manager
MatchMove Global
"Over the years I have purchased quite a few games and modifications from Novel Games and have nothing but good things about their games and their support. The games have proven to be popular with the visitors to my website and they have been easy to customize. And if I have any issues or questions, emails to Novel Games always get answered quickly. Usually with a quick answer or resolution.

You have quite a bit of flexibility with what you can do with the games.You can either purchase the source code and modify the games yourself or have the Novel Games team customize it for you at a reasonable price. What has helped me out in the past is the ability to upgrading to get the source code for your game."
Tommy Hall
"Novel Games easily integrates into my existing site infrastructure."
David Guilfoyle
"We have used Novel Games when we needed Flash games but were not able to code entire games from scratch. The Flash files are put together very well and allowed us to adapt each game as we needed to customise it for our clients. Their support is excellent and would use again without hesitation."
Marcus Sen
Peppercorn Ltd
"Novel Games has been a great source of Casual Games for our website, PrimaryGames.com. The prices are great, the delivery is fast, and the quality of work is solid. We will continue to use their services when looking for new games for our audience. "
Susan Beasley
"Both single and multi-player games play perfectly, technical support team is very professional, quality/price ratio is good so, in a few words, Novel Games is one of our best technology partners."
Marina Rina Cianfarani
qmpeople ltd
"Novel Games' games are some of the most played games on our website. Lots of visitors came to our site daily to play simple and yet addictive games that would've cost us thousands of dollars each to create them from scratch. The games are easy to customize and that is great because we don't have a professional Flash programmer on our team."
Tiago Serafim
Racha Cuca
"We have been very happy with your games on our site. They are used daily by our site users. Thank you for offering these wonderful games."
Sylvia Anderson
"Novel Games provides the best collection of games with a professional service and a strong long term support"
CEO, Secteurjeux
"We've used Novel Games for years, and have been very pleased with the results. Their support has been very good. We've been able to modify the games purchased with few problems. Novel Games has been our number one source of games to purchase. Our return on investment has been superb. We strongly recommend them - 5 stars."
Brad Sheppard
Sheppard Software
"SkaDate is a leading producer of dating software, allowing thousands of customer start their own online dating business. For over a year we’ve been integrating Novel Games into our products, which add extra excitement and interactivity to any website, significantly increasing their popularity and attraction. The number of single and multi player games is great, as are their quality and the provided service. All in all, we highly recommend Novel Games, both as a stand-alone entertainment experience, as well as potential business partnership."
Zima Sanfilippo
SkaDate Product Manager
Skalfa LLC
"We have been a client of Novel Games since 2007 and have purchase multiple titles, we've always found the games to be of the highest quality, with a lot of thought going into the playability of the game logic. The supporting documentation is thorough and well layed out. We will continue to make use of the extensive catalogue on offer, with the added benefit that they are continually adding new titles."
Mark van Diggelen
SkillPod Media
"Our users love the Novel Games, as do we! They are very creative and a lot of fun to play. And at the same time, they are customizable and very easy to integrate in your website. A win-win for everyone!"
Will deHoo
President & CEO
The FoolProof Initiative
"We chose Novel Games as they are good for the whole family. They are engaging and have an educational slant that fitted with our maths website. Including the games was also an excellent strategy as they helped increase student and visitor traffic to the site. We were able to easily add features to some of the games such as the Maths Lines and Number Twins games. In time we will be adding more games to the NZ Centre of Maths website by purchasing more from Novel Games."
Kim Freeman
The NZ Centre of Mathematics
"Serving the biggest gambling / games company in Denmark requires a lot of high quality games and high level service. Novel Games has helped us in meeting these high requirements and has been a great and very reliable partner."
Dung Tran
"Novel games is giving nice support for their games and the source code is easy to adjust and understand"
Tommi Utriainen
Sales Director
Typing Master
"We have licensed Novel Games Flash Games for years both using their source code and regular licensing model.

Our site, LearningGamesforKids.com, is very popular with elementary schools. The site includes a number of Novel's games which have helped boost its popularity.

Math Lines and Bus Driver Math help students math addition skills.

The Typing of the Ghosts and The Cup Stacking Typing Game have helped students build keyboarding skills."
John Edelson
Vkidz Inc
"Zero G Games serves a list of some of the most demanding clients in the casual gaming industry, and with that demand comes the need for quick development cycles with reliable partners that can help us get our designs to market as soon as possible. Novel Games has been a core partner of our entire nine year history. Regardless of what our gaming clients need, we can always rely on their cutting edge development insight of Novel Games to have the gaming engines that are most popular ready before they lose their effectiveness. The internal development code is clean and easy to understand.Their development techniques allow our engineers to get in and customize whatever solution our clients need.

We will continue to use Novel Games for the life of our company, and look forward to 2014 paving the way for new fantastic gaming experiences."
Mark Lowe
Zero G Games, Inc.
"We purchased several games from Novel a year ago, and have been using them on our website ever since. The games are popular, and get a lot of use, and have proved to be very well made. Peter also helped us with some coding additions, which were carried out quickly and accurately and for reasonable cost."
Stephen Harris
Zwooper Ltd.
"I love the multiplayer games. My users love them. Thank you novelgames for giving us these awesome games."
Danny Black
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