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We offer excellent customer support during different stages of licensing. For example:
Please click here to contact us for support. You can also take a look at the list of frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to pay the licensing fee once only or repeatedly every month or year?

You only need to pay once and can use the licensed games forever

For how long can we use the licensed games?

You can use the licensed games forever.

Can we charge users for playing the games licensed from Novel Games? Do we need to pay you a royalty fee?

Yes you can charge users for playing the licensed games, and you do not need to pay us any royalty fees.

Can we put the licensed games in multiple places, including third party websites?

Yes you can distribute the games in any way you want.

Can we modify the texts, graphics, and sounds of the games?

You will not be able to do these yourselves, because the games are encrypted so that no one except us can modify them. This is for security purposes, if you can modify the games then anyone will be able to download the game files from your website and modify them and use in their websites, effectively stealing the game from you. Instead you can have us modify the games for you. We will need to charge a fee but our charge will most likely be less than the cost if you were to do it yourself, because we are very experienced and we know the structure of the games well.

Can we sub-license the licensed games to others?

Yes, because you can distrbute the games in any way you want. But the games cannot be modified and will bear your logo but not your customer\s logo.