HTML5 Games Licensing

  • Runs in all desktop computers and mobile devices
  • You cannot modify the game yourselves and need to have us do the modification for you
  • Performance not as good as Flash in desktop computers
HTML5 games is the best choice if you want to run the games in desktop as well as mobile devices. The games will be branded with your logo without any reference to us. Scroll down to download some free samples.
  • JavaScript file
  • Asset files
  • Sample HTML Page
  • Lobby in Multi Player Games
  • Robots in Multi Player Games (if available)
  • Icons, thumbnails and screenshots
  • Leaderboard for Single Player Games; or remove leaderboard
  • "more games" button to link to your site; or remove "more games" button
  • Site-lock the game to your site; or remove site lock
  • Customization of the graphics, rules etc to suit your needs
Not Included
  • Source codes
  • Our logo, links and ads
Free Samples
Single Player Game Sample 1
  • With customized logo
  • With a Leaderboard (PHP + MySQL)
  • Without the "more games" button
Multi Player Game Sample 1
  • With lobby in PHP
  • With customized logo
  • Without the "more games" button
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