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About Novel Games

  • We have been in the games licensing business for over 10 years and have been constantly improving our offers to satisfy the needs of different customers.
  • All our games are developed in-house and we now offer more than 300 games for licensing
  • We offer games in a variety of formats: Flash ActionScript 3, Flash ActionScript 2, HTML5, Java, and Android
  • New games are launched every week. You can count on us as a long term provider of games
  • We offer free support and excellent customer service in every stage of integration
  • Unlimited lifetime bug fixes are offered free of charge
  • Customization services available at very competitive prices
  • Up to 50% volume purchase discount is available
  • Games could be delivered within 2 business days

Game Technologies and Features

Easy Integration

Our games are carefully designed so that they can be easily integrated into different websites. For instance, in one website a player can enter the High Scores Table simply by inputting his name, and in another website a player can log in to a membership system to record his scores. All these scenarios are supported in our games.

PHP and ASP.NET Support

We provide support to both PHP and ASP.NET platforms.

Nogic Engine

Our games are created using the state of the art Nogic engine.

ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 Support

All our games are available in both ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 formats.

HTML5 Support

Some of our games are available in HTML5 format.

Android Support

Some of our games are available in Android format.

Java Support

Some of our games are available in Java format.

TidySource Standard

All our games are structured according to our TidySource standard. This ensures that all our games have an easy-to-understand structure and clean coding for easy maintenance.

Easy Configuration

If you license the source codes of the games, you can easily configure the behavior of the games by changing their parameters. For instance, you can change the moving speed of a character in a game by changing a speed parameter, or you can add new levels to the game by changing a level parameter. Each game comes with a customization manual to explain all the available parameters.

Easy Graphics and Sounds Update

If you license the source codes of the games, the graphics and sounds can be easily updated by editing the FLA file.

Easy Localization

If you license the source codes of the games, all static texts in the games are centralized to facilitate quick and easy translation.

Clean Codes

We go great lengths to make sure the codes are readable and can be easily understood. All variable names and function names are carefully chosen so that they are self-explanatory. Nothing is hard coded and all parameters are centralized for easy configuration.

Six Layers of Security

All our games have six layers of security either built-in or supported to make cheating or hacking virtually impossible.

Cheat Engine Defeat Technology

Our Cheat Engine Defeat Technology makes score manipulation by memory scanners virtually impossible.

Sign 'n Authen Technology

Our Sign 'n Authen Technology makes sure that all communications between the server and the clients (e.g. a score is sent by a client to the server for recording in the High Scores Table) are authenticated to avoid fake scores from being recorded to the High Scores Table.

Sophisticryption Technology

Our Sophisticryption Technology further encrypts the messages to provide an additional layer of security.

Site Locking

All our games support an easy-to-use Site Locking mechanism so that the games can be configured to run on selected websites only. This forbids unauthorized parties from downloading and uploading the SWF files of the games to their own websites.

Game Obfuscation

All our compiled games (SWF, HTML5, Java, Android) are obfuscated to avoid decompilation. Games created from licensed source codes can also be obfuscated using third-party tools.

Secure Protocol

All our games support hosting under secure protocols such as HTTPS to provide an additional layer of security.

Supporting Modules

We provide Free Preloader, High Scores and Lobby modules for you to choose and use in your licensed games.
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