Flash ActionScript 2.0 Games Source Code Licensing

  • Can work with legacy systems that uses ActionScript 2.0
  • You can modify the game yourself any number of times
  • Best Performance on desktop computers
  • You can modify the game to run and compile apps for mobile devices as well
  • Performance not as good as ActionScript 3.0 version
  • High Price
  • Requires Flash Professional to use
  • Requires knowledge about Flash ActionScript 2.0 programming to use
If you would like to customize a game according to your needs, you can license the source codes of the game. Adobe Flash Professional CS4 or above is required to compile the game. If you do not need to run the games in a legacy system that uses ActionScript 2.0 and requires the games to be in ActionScript 2.0, then there is really no reason to choose ActionScript 2.0 over ActionScript 3.0. AS2 games generally run less smooth than AS3 games, and some features in AS3 games might not be supported in AS2 games. Scroll down to download some free samples.
  • ActionScript 2.0 FLA and AS files
  • Game SWF File
  • Sample HTML Page
  • Robots in Multi Player Games (if available)
  • Customization manual
  • Icons, thumbnails and screenshots
Not Included
  • Font files
Free Samples
Single Player Game Sample 1
  • Without any customizations
Multi Player Game Sample 1
  • Without any customizations
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